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Recently Posted Private Classes

Romance Language Courses (Portuguese, Spanish, French)
The aim of the Romance language courses is to allow the pupil to deepen himself either in Portuguese or in Spanish. The FLE option is also available. Passionate about Latin languages, my primary objective is to make language learning a space for exchange and sharing not only linguistic but also cultural, offering a course that values linguistic (grammar, syntax) and cultural (music) structures. , cinematography, literature) of the language. Being a language student myself, I advocate a methodology that adapts to the individual needs of the student and that understands their way of learning and making connections to a foreign language.

English/Numeracy Support - Key Stage 2/3/4 equivalency
Experienced Teacher who has experience teaching English/Literacy support for entrance examinations in the UK (mainly Northern Ireland). BA, PGCE, and MEd qualifications. Experience teaching in secondary education (Age 11-18) in subjects including; English, Maths, Physical Education, Science, and Geography. This class will look at the fundamental aspects of competence in Literacy (English) and Numeracy (Maths).

Engineer in nuclear engineering and Doctor of Physics, offers tutoring in mathematics and physics-chemistry
Engineer in nuclear engineering, Doctor of Physics, former Assistant Professor of Physics at the University, Examiner in preparatory class, and Professor of Mathematics at the Lycée, I offer support: Mathematics and in Physics-Chemistry in the French system up to the Scientific Terminal Mathematics in the Quebec system up to Cégep Science de la nature Mathematics for the preparatory year at HEC Montréal The purpose of the first meeting is to get to know the student and to determine his current level in mathematics and / or physics-chemistry, what are his strengths and weaknesses, and what are the objectives to be achieved. From the observation, I establish with the student and his parents an educational assessment (notions to be reviewed as a priority, working method, duration and frequency of lessons) aimed at best meeting the student's objectives. My methodology consists of first acquiring a good and deep understanding of the different aspects of the course and then sifting through the exercises and problems that allow the student to understand the usefulness and the extent of the effectiveness of each theorem or trick. . At the end of a session, I make sure that several objectives are met: -Have helped the student to master his course from start to finish, -Having helped the student to do but especially to understand the exercises while ensuring that the writing of the solution is correct and rigorous. -Present methods and tips that the student can use and reuse in multiple situations, it happens as follows: I solve with the student an exercise with the spirit of resolution done in class, then I present him a method of resolution alternative if I consider that this can be used in other exercises. This methodology has paid off from my experiences with a multitude of students of different levels, understanding the course and mastering the exercises makes the student average rise very quickly. Finally, the lessons can also take place remotely if that suits the student.

Epfl preparation course or tutoring.
Going back to higher education is a difficult stage that requires a lot of work. Having completed my first year of study in mechanical engineering at epfz, I know these challenges and wish to prepare students as well as possible in order to arrive with confidence. I can give courses on the subject taught or simply give advice on the organization and structure of work. I can also give lessons at other school levels, obviously adapting my teaching to each one.

Piano Lessons for Levels Beginner-Advanced, Classical and Contemporary styles
I am a professional pianist offering private piano and theory lessons to students of all levels. Having 12 years of teaching experience, I enjoy motivating my students with music of their own preferred style and interest, whether that be classical or contemporary. My main goal is to promote a positive experience and love for music-making during the course of learning piano. If the student is interested in a more serious approach, I can also guide preparation for grades 1-8 of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exams. I am currently pursuing my third degree (Postgraduate Concertsoloist) at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, and have obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Piano Performance/Music from University of Minnesota and TCU-Fort Worth, TX, USA. My experience includes collaboration with many different instrumentalists and singers, performing as soloist with orchestra (also as harpist), and receiving top prizes in several competitions.

Course / Help / Support in Music (FM, piano, history of music ...)
I offer lessons for children and adults in FM (musical training), piano or singing, and if you wish, music history lessons. I can help students for their music lessons in middle school / high school but just as well provide discovery or support in musical practice, composition or arrangement for example, and this for any profile! I agree with your desires and your learning methods, it's up to you! For info, I'm 20 years old, I graduated from cycle II of the conservatory and license of musicology in Tours in Jazz and Current Music course. I am entering a MEEF master's degree next year.

Violin lessons in Bern and region and Bern for all ages!
Graduated from a Master's degree at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Lausanne and currently studying for a Master's degree in Pedagogy at the Haute Ecole des Arts in Bern, I teach violin and / or music theory at all levels and for all ages! If you want to start the violin, if your child wants to try it, don't hesitate! Whether you are a beginner or not, I guide you and adapt to your level, the repertoire you like and the time you want to devote to it, so that it is always a pleasure! The violin lessons can be accompanied by a supplement in music theory.

Piano, music theory, musical awakening: beginner / intermediate or advanced course
I give piano lessons at all levels and at all ages (from 5 years old) with or without reading notes. I move for you or you can also come to my place (electric piano in Brussels) place Sainte Catherine. I always plan a small project in the year to play for an audience (concert / video / ...)

Online Accounting Lessons / Private tutoring for all levels
I have a vast amount of experience in teaching professional / university level students in the field of accountancy / audit and finance. I have a Bachelors degree in Commerce, am a Member of ACCA and a member of Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan with experience of 3 plus years in Big 4 firm. I can teach from high school level to university level/ professional certifications. I believe in one on one tutoring to ensure firm grasp of concepts for students.

Singing Classes - For beginners or intermediate singers
Singing and performing is something everyone loves to do, whether it's in the shower, in the car, or on stage performing your heart out! Although being a singer, Musical Theatre star may seem easy it takes a lot of courage and technique in order to really shine and be the best! In these classes, you will be able to not only gain confidence in yourself, but also really knuckle down on the technique behind singing, learn about your voice and how to treat, whilst also learning how to perform and present yourself whether this is for Musical Theatre or bein a pop star!

English - All levels and individual needs catered for.
Friendly, Experienced English Teacher (Native English speaker). My teaching method is individually prepared to suit your needs and objectives. Prior to, and during our first meeting, we will discuss your objectives and plan the best approach. I will prepare a bespoke set of lessons for you. I pride myself on supporting students and making them feel at ease, building confidence in their progression in English.

Academic support and homework help by college student.
Student in 3rd year of college offers academic support and homework help. I want to accompany the homework in order to make this moment pleasant by making the subjects not / little understood, understood. I can help a child in primary school, students in the orientation cycle (all subjects) and 1st year college subjects. (to be specified) I helped an 8-year-old boy during the 2019-2020 school year.

PAT, MAT, STEP: entrance exams and interview practice in Mathematics and Physics for top UK universities (Oxford, Cambridge etc.)
This class will provide you with the tools you will need to tackle the entrance exams in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering for top UK universities. Depending on the ambitions of the student I can offer help in the STEP papers (Cambridge Mathematics,) the MAT (Oxford Mathematics) and PAT (Oxford Physics) papers and others. I can also assist in helping the student with interview preparation for Oxford, Cambridge and other top UK universities. I am an Oxford Physics graduate with two years experience as a private tutor in the UK, teaching students Mathematics and Physics.

Tutoring and homework help - Primary / Secondary student support
Bac ES - Bac +5 in Maritime Transport and Logistics - Written, spoken and fluent English (English lessons given in English) - Towards a retraining in speech therapy - Hello, thank you for stopping on my profile! I am 30 years old, in professional retraining to become a speech therapist! I suggest accompanying your child in his homework throughout the year, or more particularly in a subject requiring more support. From learning to read to college years. Structure, psychology, patience, adaptability and good humor! I can receive at my home, or move around Marseille only - Hope to meet you, Married

Mathematics for Middle school which includes year 8 up to year 11 of the British IGCSE MATHEMATICS course.
I am a middle school or secondary school Mathematics teacher with about 10 years of teaching experience. I have taught Cambridge syllabus of mathematics. My students are those who want to understand secondary school Mathematics. Some of the topics covered include coordinate geometry, angles, numeration, transformations, trigonometry, matrices, statistics and vectors. To ensure that the student understands the concept, I start by assessing the prerequisite knowledge and emphasize on the building blocks of the topic in a logical manner.

Learn French & English efficiently /Preparation to TOEIC
French is a beautiful language but the first thing you will learn is "each rule has an exception". I am a native french speaker and I met a lot of cross-culturl people with years of french studies background not able to speak french properly. I propose you to teach you french with a context according to your needs, background and personality! Let me help you unlock your french level quickly! English is now mandatory, it is not a cool option to have on you CV. You are expected to be able to speak it fluently. It has been now 2 year that I am studying and working abroad in english (handling the english for the job environment, study and personal one). I also get my TOEIC with 975/990. If you want to make progress in english for a test or for another are of yourlife/job I can help you!

English language, culture or literature courses
Having already given English lessons in France, I offer my services to help you progress. English is my native language, so I can teach it to you, in a fun or more serious way, through discussion and therefore correcting oral mistakes. In writing, I can help you with spelling, grammar etc ...

Professional Drum Teacher for All Ages (North West London)
Hi there, my name's James. I've been playing since the age of 10 (12 years), during which I have played with a number of bands and taught many students, both privately and in schools. I'm currently the touring drummer for London Calling UK, The Meatloaf Story, and Emma Stevens, and have partaken in festivals and shows around the UK and Europe. I am able to teach whatever it is you're wanting to learn. Whether we're starting at the beginning, or learning a certain song, each lesson will be tailored specifically to you and your needs. I can provide in-person 1 to 1 lesson either at my home studio or at a place of the student's choice (within reason), or via video chats like Zoom and Skype. I am DBS checked.

Piano lessons from 6 years old, singing lessons from 9 years old in Petegem aan de Schelde
Hey, I'm Marina. I am Russian. I live in Belgium for 12 years and I give singing and piano lessons. Piano lessons are for everyone from 6 years old. Knowledge of solfège is not mandatory. All lessons are individual. Everyone can take singing lessons (pop or classical) from the age of 9.

Math 1 - Add * Subtract * Divide * Multiply
Plus calculating * minus calculating * calculating * painting A basic math course for adults who want to start at the very beginning. The course builds up very slowly and covers the basic arithmetic operations. The course instructor deals with you individually and tries to close your existing gaps or to build up your knowledge from scratch.

Learning French as a Foreign Language - Academic French - Culture and language courses
I am Isaac, I am 21 years old and I have a 2 years experience as a French as a foreign language teacher. My physical classes are intended for a B1-C2 level and I offer conversation classes in French in order to work on the DELF points French at all levels.